Mobile Application and Backend Api

Perfect Blend

Perfect Blend is a tablet register application designed to simplify and manage the ordering process through visual supports and user-friendly interface.
Technologies Used
React Native
Styled Components
Rematch (Redux / Thunk wrapper)

Description of Project

Perfect Blend is a tablet application and api service that allows users to easily take a customers order with an intuitive, easy to use interface. It was specifically designed to be used by and for special education. It acts like a typical kiosk / cash register. It will keep a running total of the items ordered, prompt the user to ask for item customizations, and calculate cash change.

I built out a custom backend in order to sync this data across iPads, keep the records in a secure database, generate excel reports with analytics, and send them to the shop's email. I setup a task scheduler to send out daily reports of what was sold.

This is currently in production, and being used by a local highschool's special education program. Improvements will be made in the summer of 2021.